working mainly with my full format digital slr camera, worked with many other analogue and digital cameras during work and studies of photography. i owe my first slr to my parents who gave it to me as my school graduation gift. since then the nikon family is growing.

light is a forming tool which has to be used accoring to the situation. during many events the situation is too delicate to disturb with instrusive lightning. high aperture lenses are workling invisibly in the background. for shootings, professional studio lightning, used in a creative way in the foreground, leads to excellent results. in between there are uncountable possibilities to catch a moment with a concerted mixture of different lights.

in other cases i love to use the light in a creative way. i'm not the person who sets up a fixed light and photograph you with a fixed camera on a tripod from the same perspective. neither in a studio, nor outside. i'm curious, inventive and intuitive.

above all, the people are the most important part of the colaboration.