joanna pianka, barch

i got a pocket film camera at the age of seven. this was a starting point for many stories and experiments.

11 years later i got the chance to enter the academy of fine arts in vienna to deepen my knowledge and passion for fine arts. i switched between architecture and photography and work now on my diploma. i am living and working between vienna, warsaw and berlin.

my first steps in the field of professional photography were very realistic and dirty. i shooted many concerts and festivals, learning very essencial characteristics of photography: catching the right moment between light, moves, gestures, crowds, focus and aperture.

during the years i ganied experience in many subjects of photography. i offer individual solutions for every kind of event, task or problem. i love to work with interesting characters and difficult situations. i observe the situation as a whole and point out the very special moment. it is possible that you find me lying on the floor or climbing a tree, because i want to find another perspective. but the most important one is still the client. i always have the time to listen to your wishes and to contribute experience and ideas.

for booking and questions, please write me an e-mail.

photo by igor krakowiak