Joanna Pianka, MArch

Studies of Arts and Architecture at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna. Humanistic secondary school education at Akademisches Gymnasium in Vienna.
Professional photography services, member of the Austrian Economy Chamber. Living and working in Vienna, Warsaw and Berlin. Languages: German, Polish, English. Basic French, Italian and BKS.
Main clients and partners in arts & culture:
eSeL.at & Academy of fine Arts Vienna

Joanna Pianka


With a longstanding academic and professional background in photography, fine arts and architecture I am offering a wide spectrum of photographic and post production work, complemented by additional services, for example a mobile studio, social media coverage, short videos and associated assignments such as photomontage, retouch, layout, pre-press, CAD drawings, HDR composing, etc.

I see myself between a specialised artistic approach and the professional reliability and knowledge of classic press and event photography. My clients describe me as discreet, solution-oriented and reflected. Problems and situations tend to happen. That’s where I try to find the best possible outcome, even if it’s far away from my original assignment. So much for the subject of “what I really do”.

30 years of photography and 10 years of making it for living have taught me to observe and to listen, asking the right questions, especially in the wide and complex world of art and culture. My passion is the translation of moments and emotions in difficult circumstances from low light through chaos to complete silence. I certainly walk through dirt for a client as much as I am offering affordable packages for small artistic projects and non-profit organizations.

Joanna Pianka